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Free Consultation
Free Consultation

Contact our office for a no-charge confidential consultation to discuss your potential legal options. We have broad experience in many areas, including divorce/family, immigration, bankruptcy, and criminal law. When you talk with us, you know we'll apply that experience and knowledge to your problem.

Trial Experience
Trial Experience

Russell Knight and his staff have extensive trial experience and are eager to take matters to hearing in front of a judge when required. While informed, aggressive negotiation is an important strategy, your lawyer should be comfortable advocating for you in open court.

Attorney Fluent in Spanish
Attorney Fluent in Spanish

Russell Knight and all his staff are fluent in Spanish. We can speak with you in person, on the phone or via written correspondence in your native language. Russell Knight y todo su personal habla español. Podemos hablar con usted en persona, por teléfono o a través de correspondencia escrita en su idioma natal.

Our Services


T he Law Offices of Russell D. Knight offer Chapter 7 bankruptcy preparation.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows for the discharge of almost all of your debts.  For a debt to be “discharged” means that the debt no longer has to be paid back.  Almost all debts can be discharged apart from government fines, student loans and some other exceptions. A bankruptcy will affect your credit and will make some of your property eligible to be seized by your creditors.  Your lawyer will do his best to protect your assets through the bankruptcy process.  You will be allowed to keep most items you are currently still paying for like homes or automobiles. The entire bankruptcy process usually proceeds as listed below:

  1. At the initial meeting, you and the attorney fill out a bankruptcy information worksheet together. The attorney will ask many questions about your finances and debt. You will get a copy of your credit report and list of the information the attorney needs.
  2. After the meeting, our office prepares a 40-60 page bankruptcy petition with all the required bankruptcy information. You complete a short credit counselling class and give the certificate to the attorney.
  3. Once the bankruptcy petition is complete, you will come to the office to review the paperwork and sign the documents.
  4. Before we can file the bankruptcy petition, all fees must be paid in full. The filing fee that we pay to the court is $306, in addition to the attorney’s fees.
  5. When the bankruptcy petition is filed, we get a date for your creditors’ meeting. At this meeting, you and the attorney meet with the bankruptcy trustee in downtown Chicago. The trustee will ask you a few questions based on your bankruptcy petition.
  6. After the meeting, you have 45 days to complete a second financial education class and any other requirements the trustee has.
  7. Three to four months after the bankruptcy petition is filed, your debts will be discharged and your case closed.

Personal Injury

T he Law Offices of Russell D. Knight work closely with the Law Offices of Andrew Hamilton in handling personal injury cases. Mr. Knight and Mr. Hamilton recently settled a dog bite case for $75,000 after the client’s previous attorney ABANDONED the case.


A ll staff members of the Law Office of Russell D. Knight speak Spanish and often help people who are undocumented or have immigration issues. We are always conscious and knowledgeable of the immigration ramifications of whatever case you have. The Law Offices of Russell D. Knight provide a broad scope of immigration services, as listed below:

  1. Adjustment of Status:  Petitioning for a client to have their immigration status changed to Permanent Resident.
  2. Cancellation of Removal:  Defending against a deportation proceeding because needs of the client’s U.S. citizen relatives.
  3. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals:  Petitioning for a work permit and temporary status for undocumented persons who have arrived during their childhood.
  4. K-1 and K-3 Visas: Petitioning for foreign fiancées or spouses to come to the United States and following up with adjusting their statuses when they arrive.
  5. Prosecutorial Discretion: When no other form of relief is available, we can still ask Homeland Security to abandon the deportation case on the basis that our client is a safe, productive member of society with U.S. citizens who depend on him.
  6. Provisional Waivers: Requesting a pardon for unlawful presence while the client remains in the U.S. so that the client can get a green card, even if they entered without inspection.


W hen legal issues affect your family, deep-seated emotions can boil over long before you reach a courtroom. The lawyer you choose to represent you can either add to your level of stress or reduce it. At The Law Office of Russell D. Knight, we provide a personal level of service that will help put you back in control. I will discuss all of your legal options and give you an honest assessment of your case. Contract our office today for a 100% free consultation to find out how we can best help you. Our services include:

  1. Adoptions.  We have finalized agreed adoptions and vacated adoptions that were obtained through nefarious means.
  2. Child Support.  We will prove the non-residential parent’s income whether it’s revealing secret income or proving the non-residential parent’s meagre income through low expenses.
  3. Child Visitation.  We will enforce visitation rights whether it be expanding visitation for a worthy non-residential parent or reducing and/or eliminating visitation for dangerous non-residential parent.
  4. Agreed Divorce.  We provide affordable document preparation and assistance for an agreed divorce.
  5. Contested Divorce.  We are ceaselessly aggressive while professional in guiding you through this difficult process.
  6. Post-Decree Enforcement.  If your divorce is final and your ex-spouse will not follow the final orders, we can take him or her to court at their expense.

Traffic Ticket Defense

T raffic tickets are an unpleasant fact of driving. They cost you a lot of money and waste your time. We will fight your ticket to keep your record clean. That may mean a potential savings for you of thousands of dollars in court fines and insurance premiums, a valid driver’s license, and your freedom. There are a variety of ways that traffic violation penalties can be reduced and even dismissed.  We will never charge you more than you could have saved with the help of a lawyer in Traffic Court. Contact our office today to find out how we can best help you.

DUI Defense

D UIs are incredibly expensive and unpleasant without the help of aggressive, skilled and effective attorneys for a DUI case such as The Law Office of Russell D. Knight.  We strive to achieve favorable outcomes for all of our clients by working hard and giving our clients the personal attention they deserve.  Contact our office for a no-charge confidential consultation to discuss your potential defenses, strategy, and legal options.

Criminal Defense

I f you have a pending criminal case and you would like to discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense lawyer, who can explain how certain criminal defenses may apply to the facts of your case, please contact our office. The Law Office of Russell D. Knight is skilled at criminal defense law and aggressively defends people charged with all types of criminal offenses, form misdemeanors to serious felonies.

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  • Russell made our bankruptcy filing as quick and painless as it could possibly be. Just do what he says and will all be over soon...

    Benji D.

  • I was referred to Russell by a friend for the straightforward and efficient way he handled his divorce proceedings. I truly appreciated Russell's keen ability to articulate Illinois divorce law and my options in a candid and friendly manner. I felt prepared and as at ease as I could possibly be on my day in court. In Russell I had an advocate in my corner who kept things congenial on all fronts. I also appreciated the flexible payment plan we set up. I already have and will continue to recommend Russell's services to any who might need them.

    Brett P.

  • There is an old adage that the only lawyer you like is your own, and while this might be true, I still feel compelled to highly recommend Russell Knight for the excellent service he provided. Russell helped expedite the long and sometimes complicated process of legal residency. He is personable but professional and was quick to get back to me with any queries or concerns I had. He also has a fantastic assistant- Rita who ensured all my paperwork was in order and had any important documents copied and delivered to me by both traditional mail and email. He provided an indispensable service at a very reasonable price and I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about legal residency/citizenship.

    Kevin T.

  • If you ever do find yourself in the situation where you need a good attorney in your corner, this is the man to go to. Divorce shouldn't be an easy or pleasant experience, but Russell Knight made it as quick and painless as possible. He even set up an incredibly reasonable payment plan. Russell Knight will give you his word and he will come through for you. No one ever wants to have to hire an attorney, but if you ever do, this is the guy to call.

    Chad S.

  • I found Russell in my neighborhood (through Yelp) and my biggest goal was to find someone I could trust and that one person to be my point of contact. Russell made me feel so comfortable with the process and explained everything to me clearly and made it very easy for me. Now that my case is wrapped up successfully, it was the most painless, simple process and such a huge relief for me. I would very much recommend Russell to anyone.

    Jill B.

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