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Our Services

When legal issues affect your family, deep-seated emotions can boil over long before you reach a courtroom. The lawyer you choose to represent you can either add to your level of stress or reduce it. At The Law Office of Russell D. Knight, we provide a personal level of service that will help put you back in control. I will discuss all of your legal options and give you an honest assessment of your case. Contract our office today for a 100% free consultation to find out how we can best help you. Our services include:

  • Adoptions. We have finalized agreed adoptions and vacated adoptions that were obtained through nefarious means.
  • Child Support. We will prove the non-residential parent’s income whether it’s revealing secret income or proving the non-residential parent’s meagre income through low expenses.
  • Child Visitation. We will enforce visitation rights whether it be expanding visitation for a worthy non-residential parent or reducing and/or eliminating visitation for dangerous non-residential parent.
  • Agreed Divorce. We provide affordable document preparation and assistance for an agreed divorce.
  • Contested Divorce. We are ceaselessly aggressive while professional in guiding you through this difficult process.
  • Post-Decree Enforcement. If your divorce is final and your ex-spouse will not follow the final orders, we can take him or her to court at their expense.