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The Law Office of Russell D. Knight is a family law and divorce law firm dedicated to guiding clients through their divorces both in and out of the courtroom. At the Law Office of Russell D. Knight, our team of divorce lawyers provide a personal level of service that will help put you back in control. We will discuss all of your legal options and give you an honest assessment of what is required for your divorce case. Contact our office today for a 100% free consultation with a Chicago divorce lawyer.

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Russell D. Knight Chicago Divorce Lawyer - Top Rated Chicago Divorce Attorney - Divorce Lawyer in Chicago

Something major is happening in your marriage and life. You may be asking yourself:

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We’ll guide you to the best solution possible and always put your kids first.


Russell D. Knight has been divorcing people in Chicago, IL since 2006. We are Chicagoland area Illinois divorce attorneys who have crafted prenuptial, postnuptial and other divorce agreements and/or litigated over a thousand divorces and parentage actions.

Client Focus

Personal attention from family law attorneys and professional staff. Each client has a dedicated paralegal and attorney assigned to their divorce case for complete representation. Whether it is complex financial issues or high conflict parenting/visitation matters, YOUR best outcome is OUR focus and goal.

Kids and Family First

Above all, we focus on your children — their health, safety and happiness. Your family’s needs during and after the Illinois divorce process are our foremost concern. Whether contested or collaborative, all child custody matters are handled with the children first in mind.

Value and Results

The billable hour system used by Illinois divorce lawyers can be abused. Our invoices – reasonable and crystal clear – reflect our team's time, expenses and commitment to providing value and results gained via offer or litigation for our clients throughout Illinois.

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Family law is what we do.

Family Law refers to Illinois law, rules, regulations, and court procedures involving the family unit in the Illinois courts. Additionally, there are Supreme Court and local Cook County court rules that govern Family Law.

Whether it is child support, custody, property division, maintenance (formerly known as alimony) or other spousal support, there is a rule for it…and we know it!

We have a singular obsession with providing insight and understanding into family law and other marital legal issues in the state of Illinois.

Family law proceedings need the attention of a conscientious, experienced divorce attorney who can successfully bring your divorce and/or parenting matter to settlement or trial on your terms.

Let’s spend a few minutes on the phone. Take the first step. After a discussion with advice, candor and privacy, you’ll know what to do next. If we are a good partner for you in this journey, our professional relationship can begin.

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We’ll guide you to the best solution possible and always put your kids first.

Russell Knight

Practice Areas: Divorce and Family Law

Phone: (773) 334-6311


BIOGRAPHY: Russell D. Knight has been practicing family law as a Chicago divorce lawyer since 2006. From highly contested paternity issues to mediation and final dissolution of marriage, Russell D. Knight resolves tough cases with sound legal advice while remaining a strong advocate for his client’s interests.

Rahul Iyer

Practice Areas: Divorce and Family Law

Phone: (773) 334-6311


BIOGRAPHY: Rahul has practiced divorce and family law since 2012 in Minnesota and then in Chicago Illinois since 2015. With a well-honed focus on the difficult business and financial aspects of divorce law, Rahul co-counsels all of Russell Knight’s divorce and family law cases in Chicago. Rahul settles cases via contested court order or amicable agreement.

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Reviews from Our Clients

"Russell is extremely helpful to everyone in the community and always willing to help. He is an extremely knowledgeable divorce attorney. He is a huge asset to his profession, the legal community and his clients."
"Russell and his team helped me so much work through a difficult post divorce situation. Not only did they go out of their way for me, but they helped me understand the best route for us to get through it successfully!"
"Russell Knight is the most trustworthy family law attorney you will ever meet. Everything Russell says comes from a really good place and his words just set your mind at ease. The best part about working with them in my opinion is how helpful and available they make themselves. Someone is always there to answer questions. Russell's team makes you feel valued. Thank you so much Russell!"
"When my ex-husband and I were on the verge of divorce last year, I reached out to attorney Russell Knight for advice. Even before we had an agreement that he was going to represent me, Mr. Knight was very helpful already. He answered all my questions and laid all of my options and helped me figure out the right course of action. Of course, I had to hire him to help me with my divorce process. He is very skilled and he really understands what he’s doing. Thank you, Mr. Knight!"
Bobby Price
"Russell Knight was extremely helpful when I came to him with a divorce case last year. This attorney really just has a way to explain things in a way that makes you less stressed. Is it possible that a lawyer has great bedside manner? It is with Russell. And it’s not just empty words either. Attorney Russell follows through with what he said he will do. Five stars for this lawyer!"
Sondra Burns
"Russell handled my divorce case. I would highly recommend him. He offers great legal advice, is very prompt to responding to concerns that need to be immediately addressed, and was always easy to get a hold of. His office is very on top of things. I felt like his fees were more than reasonable, and I was very happy with my settlement. Thank you, Russell!"
"Russell did amazing and got me full custody of my children🙌 Thank you again!"
"Great divorce attorney. If you are looking for an attorney that knows how to handle divorces diligently and competently in the Chicagoland area, then go to Russell Knight."
"Mr. Knight returned my phone call immediately, which is unusual for most attorneys I'm familiar with. His answers to my questions were succinct, articulate, and absolutely spot on."
"Attorney Knight and his team were a big help. They took care of everything for me and kept me informed throughout the process. Their time, energy, effort and most of all their patients were greatly appreciated. Will definitely call him again!"

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Chicago Divorce Lawyer Articles

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein.

Search our extensive website library of family law articles written for divorce attorneys and non-lawyers alike:

Income from waived assets in an Illinois divorce.
Russell Knight

Double Dipping In An Illinois Divorce

A financially successful person makes a lot of money and saves a lot of money. After an Illinois divorce, a financially successful person will be expected to divide their savings with their ex-spouse and pay their ex-spouse maintenance (formerly known as alimony). The ex-spouse will have half of the successful professional’s assets AND a portion

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Divorce And Stock Options In Illinois
Marital Property
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Stock Options And Divorce In Illinois

The term “stock options” has a certain mystique. Stock options seem like a sophisticated financial instrument for the rich and about-to-be-rich…and they kind of are.  The problem with sophisticated financial instruments like stock options, is that they are hard to divide in an Illinois divorce.  So, how do you divide stock options in an Illinois

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Postnups in Illinois
Prenuptial Agreements
Russell Knight

Postnuptial Agreements In Illinois

Divorce is terrible. Divorce changes everything in both parties’ lives and in their children’s lives. However, the status quo of living in misery and distrust cannot remain either. There must be some kind of half-measure, some kind of remediation in between marriage and divorce. Often, parties will look to a postnuptial agreement (also known as

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