Month: January 2018

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I have an agreement with my spouse. Is that enforceable in a Chicago, Illinois court?

By Russell Knight | January 20, 2018
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ATTENTION:  There is new case law since I wrote this that may effect any Chicago, Illinois out-of-court agreements.  Learn more here. Typically, all agreements in the context of a divorce or parentage case must be entered with the court as…

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Limited Scope Appearances in Illinois Family Law Cases

By Russell Knight | January 16, 2018
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Oftentimes, a Chicago, Illinois family law lawyer will suggest to his client they can do the case on a “limited scope appearance.” A limited scope appearance is exactly what it sounds like: an appearance by an attorney in a case…

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I used non-marital funds to purchase the family home in Chicago. Do I get those non-marital funds reimbursed?

By Russell Knight | January 16, 2018

When non-marital funds are used to purchase the family home in a Chicago divorce, it is difficult to determine exactly what happens to that marital home in the event of a divorce. In short, it depends how the family home…

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How Can Therapy Help With My Chicago Divorce?

By Russell Knight | January 10, 2018

Break ups are always hard, but breaking up from your spouse can be a particularly painful process. Not only are you separating apart from someone you’ve loved; you are also uplifting and recreating a whole new life for yourself.  …

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What Is A Pre-Nuptial Agreement in Chicago, Illinois?

By Russell Knight | January 8, 2018
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What is a Prenup?

The term “pre-nup” is part of pop culture’s nomenclature. We hear about it on television, we hear about celebrities and athletes entering into pre-nuptial agreements, and we hear about it in music. However, how does a pre-nuptial or premarital agreement…

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How Do I Deny Paternity In Chicago, Illinois?

By Russell Knight | January 7, 2018

We all know that to find out if a child is yours or not is simply a matter of taking a DNA test. But how do you establish, legally, in Illinois, that you are not the father? How do you…

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Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrencies And Divorce

By Russell Knight | January 6, 2018
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cryptocurrency and division of assets

In 2017 millions of people invested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Millions of people also got divorced. Therefore, several Bitcoin owners got divorced and had to address the division of their marital assets…which included this new and strange asset which…

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My Cook County Marriage Certificate Might Be Invalid. What Do I Do?

By Russell Knight | January 3, 2018
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Bad Marriage Certificate

In Illinois there is a great deal of law as to what makes a marriage valid. 750 ILCS 200 et al. A marriage license must be applied for, a marriage must be solemnized and the marriage license must be recorded…

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What will happen to my 401k or pension in my Chicago, Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | January 2, 2018
pension divorce illinois

After child custody and support issues are settled, the next question on most divorcing peoples minds is ‘What will happen to my 401k or pension in my divorce?” As with any property in the marriage, the first order of business…

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