Month: August 2018

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How Long Does a Divorce Take In Chicago, Cook County, Illinois?

By Russell Knight | August 16, 2018
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Length of Divorce in Chicago

A divorce in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois can take as little as two weeks and as long as three years.  It all depends. Let’s work through what can make a divorce take so much time. A Divorce With A Full…

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Travel Outside Of The Country With Your Children After A Divorce Chicago, Illinois

By Russell Knight | August 12, 2018
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Taking your children outside of the country after a Chicago, Illinois divorce is a big step.  When you travel abroad with your children, you are taking your children outside of the jurisdiction of the court that entered your divorce decree,…

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I Live In Chicago, Illinois But Spend The Winters In Florida. Where Do I File For Divorce?

By Russell Knight | August 4, 2018

Many successful people keep homes in Florida and Illinois.  When these people consider divorce in Florida or Illinois, they need to consider the strategic advantages and disadvantages of both jurisdictions. I am uniquely qualified to answer this question as I…

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