Month: October 2018

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Parenting Time And The Alcoholic Parent

By Russell Knight | October 31, 2018
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Visitation and Drug Addicts

Alcoholic parents make divorce and parenting time extremely challenging. 30% of American adults don’t drink at all.  Another 30% have less than one drink a week.  The top 10% of drinking Americans drink an average of 73.85 drinks a week.…

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Can I Afford To Get Divorced?

By Russell Knight | October 28, 2018
What will happen financially after the divorce

Affordable divorce in Chicago, Illinois.  Is it possible? What does a divorce cost in Chicago, Illinois? You’ve spent years planning your life together.  All of your plans involved you both remaining together as a couple.  You got a house big…

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Parenting Alone In Chicago # 4: Pickle’s Playroom

By Russell Knight | October 27, 2018

This is number four in my series of things to do with children while you’re parenting alone.  Whether you are divorced, separated or just alone for the day with the kids, I hope these posts can be a guide of…

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What Happens If My Husband Or Wife Dies During My Divorce?

By Russell Knight | October 23, 2018
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Death and divorce

Divorces can take years and there is always the possibility that a party in a divorce case may die during the divorce.  This means the divorce will not be finalized and then the marital estate remains unsettled and undistributed. What…

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Life Insurance and Divorce in Illinois

By Russell Knight | October 21, 2018
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Is life insurance required in a divorce?

Life insurance is an insurance against a person’s life in that it pays out money upon the death of the person.  People typically purchase life insurance to support their family if, God forbid, they are no longer able to support…

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How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

By Russell Knight | October 19, 2018
What does a divorce cost?

After the anxiety of “what will happen to me and my kids in my divorce?” the question of “how much will my divorce cost?” can be the next most worrisome question. After all, you will have read through the articles…

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Can I Put My Divorce On Hold In Chicago, Illinois?

By Russell Knight | October 14, 2018
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Can I pause my divorce?

***Update for the corona virus*** People keep visiting this article to find out if their divorce is on hold in Chicago.  Well, as of March 17, 2020 all Chicago domestic relations cases will be on hold until April 15th as…

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Parenting Alone In Chicago # 3: Chicago Children’s Museum

By Russell Knight | October 14, 2018
Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier

This is the third in my series about places to go when you have the kids in Chicago for the weekend, the day or just the afternoon.  There’s lots to do in Chicago but not a lot do with kids. …

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What Is A Guardian Ad Litem Or Child Representative in Chicago, Illinois?

By Russell Knight | October 13, 2018
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Child Representative in Chicago, Illinois

As you approach a Cook County Domestic Relations Courtroom you’ll notice a numbered list hung beside the courtroom door. That list will contain your case number, your name, your spouse’s name, and the names of a hundred other people whose…

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Can I Change The Locks During My Chicago, Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | October 7, 2018
Evicting your spouse in Divorce In Chicago

In Illinois, there is not a specific “lock changing law” when it comes to divorce or any other domestic relations matter. But effectively, you are evicting your spouse from the marital home when you change the locks. If you and…

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