Month: November 2018

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Parenting Alone In Chicago # 13: Millenium Park

By Russell Knight | November 30, 2018
Parenting Alone in Chicago

This is number 13 in my series of things to do with kids if and when you’re parenting alone.  Whether you are divorced, separated or just alone for the day with the kids, I hope these posts can be a…

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Free Consultations vs. Paid Consultations for Chicago Divorce Lawyers

By Russell Knight | November 20, 2018
free consultation Chicago divorce

Free consultations by divorce lawyers are common in some situations and rare in others.  It often depends on what exactly you are consulting about. Free Consultations In Chicago, Illinois, my office offers free consultations largely because every law office in…

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Can I Sell My House During My Chicago, Illinois, Divorce?

By Russell Knight | November 17, 2018
Motion To Sell Marital Residence

Owning a house is a big deal, financially.  So, what happens to your house during a divorce in Chicago, Illinois? What Happens To The Marital Home During An Illinois Divorce?  Most people’s biggest asset is their house.  But, the marital…

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Divorce In Chicago

By Russell Knight | November 3, 2018
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Chicago Divorce

Looking into divorce in Chicago means learning about the rules that govern divorce in Chicago, Illinois. Divorce in Chicago is governed by a series of rules: The Illinois Complied Statutes, the Illinois Supreme Court Rules, The Cook County Court Rules,…

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