Month: February 2019

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What Is A Parenting Coordinator In A Chicago Divorce?

By Russell Knight | February 17, 2019
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parenting coordinator chicago divorce

A divorcing couple is inherently in a state of disagreement.  When the parties have children, the disputes between the couple can bleed into the temporary parenting arrangement.  Sometimes the dispute is so severe that the parents cannot even communicate in…

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Parenting Alone In Chicago Number 19: Polar Adventure Days at Northerly Island

By Russell Knight | February 11, 2019
northerly island parenting time

During Chicago winters, it’s incredibly easy to find a reason to stay indoors, especially with all the articles available in this series, but to avoid the colder season altogether would be to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Kids…

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Do I Have To Come To Court For My Chicago Divorce?

By Russell Knight | February 9, 2019
Do I have to appear in court for my Chicago Divorce

***Update*** It’s a whole new world since the COVID-19 crisis. For now, we’re doing appearances and hearings remotely via Zoom. So, you don’t have to physically be present in court any longer…but you still have to be present via the…

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Uncontested Divorce In Chicago, Illinois

By Russell Knight | February 6, 2019
Uncontested divorce chicago

Uncontested divorce in Chicago, Illinois is common and simple.  If you want a divorce and your spouse wants a divorce too then you do not need to go through the entire divorce process?  The formal service, the mediation, the exchange…

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Gifts and Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | February 2, 2019
gifts and divorce in Illinois

When considering gifts and divorce in Illinois, we must first acknowledge that all of the property you have at the time of the divorce can be classified as either marital or non-marital for the purpose of division of assets. In…

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