While Russell Knight always focused on family law, The Law Offices of Russell D. Knight began exclusively practicing family law in 2013. Russell Knight much prefers to do one thing, Family Law, and do it well. Russell Knight still, however, uses a great deal of his general knowledge of Criminal, Immigration and Bankruptcy Law in his Family Law practice. Russell Knight enjoys learning new languages, running, and cooking in his spare time.

Quick divorce in Chicago

How Can I Get Divorced Faster in Chicago, Illinois?

A divorce happens in Illinois when a Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage is entered in the courts. Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage A judgment of dissolution of marriage always contains this clause: “The parties are awarded a Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage and the bonds of matrimony existing between Petitioner and Respondent are hereby dissolved.”…

Christmas and Divorce

How Are The Holidays Handled During And After A Chicago, Illinois Divorce?

The Parenting Plan When two parents are no longer living together, they must come to an arrangement regarding the time each parent will spend with the children.  Hopefully, the parents can come to an agreement without the help of lawyers or the courts.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  In any case before a…