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Russell D. Knight has been practicing family law as a Chicago divorce lawyer since 2006. Russell D. Knight amicably resolves tough cases while remaining a strong advocate for his client’s interests.

Who Pays The Mortgage During An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | October 20, 2020
Mortgage During Illinois Divorce

Mortgages typically consume 25 to 33 percent of a household’s total income. A mortgage is usually a household’s biggest expense. Additionally, mortgages are usually tied to a household’s biggest asset, the marital home. Failure to pay a mortgage means a…

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Pregnancy And Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | October 17, 2020
Divorcing while pregnant in Illinois

Children are a blessing…but sometimes their timing is way off. When you’re going through a divorce and you get pregnant or your spouse gets pregnant, your divorce gets a lot more complicated.  Still, that baby is coming and can be…

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Contempt In An Illinois Divorce Case

By Russell Knight | October 12, 2020
Contempt Of Court In Illinois

If you do something wrong in a court case, you could be held in contempt of court.  What is contempt in an Illinois divorce case? The definition of contempt is broad. “The act of demeaning the court, preventing justice administration,…

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When Do You Need A Court Reporter In An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | October 10, 2020
Court reporter and Illinois divorce

As if divorce court in Illinois wasn’t intimidating enough, someone is sitting in the corner writing everything down.  That person typing on the little typewriter is the court reporter.  But, sometimes the court reporter is in court and sometimes there’s…

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Medical Records And Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | October 7, 2020
Illinois divorce and medical records

Divorce is a tragedy.  It often affects a divorcing person’s mental and physical health.  Then those health issues can become an issue in the divorce. Divorcing parties start making accusations about their spouse’s mental and physical health and subsequently demand…

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What Is A Deposition In An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | October 5, 2020
Illinois divorce deposition

Most divorces don’t have any question of fact.  Both parties agree to the basics; how much they earn, what’s in their 401ks, where the kids are registered for school. The final outputs of the divorce, the Judgment, the MSA and…

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Garnishing Your Ex’s Check For Child Support or Maintenance In Illinois

By Russell Knight | October 3, 2020
| |
Child support deductions in Illinois

During or at the end of your divorce or parentage action, you may have a judgment and/or order which will instruct one party to pay the other party a sum of money for child support and/or maintenance (formerly known as…

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How To Get A Continuance In An Illinois Divorce Case

By Russell Knight | October 2, 2020
Motion for continuance Illinois

An Illinois divorce case starts with a Petition For Dissolution Of Marriage.  Upon that filing, the opposing party is required to file an Appearance and a Response To the Petition Of Dissolution Of Marriage. After that, nothing is really required…

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Can Maintenance Be Modified Upwards After An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | September 26, 2020
Alimony upwards Illinois

In Illinois, a divorce court can award one party a monthly payment of maintenance from the other party based upon a showing of need and an ability to pay.  This amount of maintenance (formerly known as alimony) is then set…

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What Is A Substantial Change In Circumstances In An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | September 19, 2020
| | | | |
Substantial Change and Divorce

When a divorce in Illinois is finalized, the parties are issued final orders which both parties must abide by. But, life goes on and things change eventually no matter what the Marital Settlement Agreement or Allocation of Parental Responsibilities and…

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