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Russell D. Knight has been practicing family law as a Chicago divorce lawyer since 2006. Russell D. Knight amicably resolves tough cases while remaining a strong advocate for his client’s interests.

What Is A Stipulation To Hear Uncontested Cause In A Cook County Divorce?

By Russell Knight | July 28, 2021
Stipulated to uncontested issues in an Illinois divorce

Ninety five percent of divorces in Cook County finalize by agreement rather than be resolved via a full blown trial. When cases do get resolved by agreement, the Cook county divorce court wants to ensure that EVERYTHING is truly resolved…

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Demonstrative Evidence In An Illinois Divorce Hearing or Trial

By Russell Knight | July 26, 2021
demonstrative exhibits in Illinois divorce

Demonstrative evidence, like a chart, a map or a drawing are effective ways to clarify an issue to a finder of fact. While common in accident cases where the laws of physics need to be explained to a jury, demonstrative…

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Hearsay In An Illinois Hearing or Trial

By Russell Knight | July 25, 2021
Hearsay evidence in an Illinois trial.

An old joke best illustrates the concept of hearsay in a trial. Witness: “Then Bobby told me that he was the one that did it.” Lawyer: “Ah. So, hearsay? Witness: “Yup. I heard ‘em say it” “”Hearsay” is a statement,…

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Relevant and Irrelevant Questions In An Illinois Divorce Trial Or Hearing

By Russell Knight | July 23, 2021
Irrelevant questions in an Illinois divorce

If you can’t agree on the final terms of a divorce, an Illinois divorce judge will make final determinations and issue a judgment of dissolution of marriage, a marital settlement order and/or a parental responsibilities and parenting time order. In…

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Motion To Strike In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | July 22, 2021
Motion To Dismiss in an Illinois Divorce

Mirriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines “bullshit” as “nonsense; foolish insolent talk.” In an Illinois divorce, it is very likely that you’ll receive some document that is nonsense and full of foolish insolent talk. When you get this document, you will say “this…

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Privileged Communication In An Illinois Divorce Hearing or Trial

By Russell Knight | July 18, 2021
Privilege In An Illinois Divorce

The Illinois courts and legislature have decided that everyone should have a few places where they can communicate safely without fear of that communication being repeated. This concept is known as “privilege” and it prevents a party from divulging information…

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Agreements Before An Illinois Divorce Is Final

By Russell Knight | July 17, 2021
| |
Agreement Before Divorce Is Final

The Illinois divorce process leads up to a final day when the judgment for dissolution of marriage is entered and the final agreement of the parties is stamped by the clerk of court. Leading up to that point, the parties…

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Innocent Spouse Relief And Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | July 11, 2021
Tax Debt Relief After Divorce

People who cheat on their spouses, betray their spouse’s trust and disregard their spouse’s feelings…usually don’t care much about what they owe the Federal government in taxes. But, most spouses file their taxes jointly and, therefore, both spouses sign the…

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Repetitive Questions In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | July 10, 2021
Cumulative questions in Illinois

If an Illinois divorce court has determined that your question is relevant and not subject to the bar against hearsay, the witness must answer your question. But once the witness has answered a question you are not allowed to continue…

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Speculative Answers In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | July 10, 2021
Speculation objection

The point of questioning a witness in an Illinois divorce is to elicit knowledge that they accurately and verifiably possess. If the witness testifies to something they do not actually know, they are speculating. Speculative answers should be met with…

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