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Russell D. Knight has been practicing family law as a Chicago divorce lawyer since 2006. Russell D. Knight amicably resolves tough cases while remaining a strong advocate for his client’s interests.

What Should I Bring To A Consultation With A Divorce Attorney In Chicago, Illinois?

By Russell Knight | September 3, 2018
lawyer meeting

Many people hire me to handle their divorce or parentage action in Chicago without meeting me personally.  Potential clients read my hundreds of articles about Illinois divorce, see my reviews online or they can tell that I “know what I’m…

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How Long Does a Divorce Take In Chicago, Cook County, Illinois?

By Russell Knight | August 16, 2018
| |
Length of Divorce in Chicago

A divorce in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois can take as little as two weeks and as long as three years.  It all depends. Let’s work through what can make a divorce take so much time. A Divorce With A Full…

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Travel Outside Of The Country With Your Children After A Divorce Chicago, Illinois

By Russell Knight | August 12, 2018
| | | | |

Taking your children outside of the country after a Chicago, Illinois divorce is a big step.  When you travel abroad with your children, you are taking your children outside of the jurisdiction of the court that entered your divorce decree,…

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I Live In Chicago, Illinois But Spend The Winters In Florida. Where Do I File For Divorce?

By Russell Knight | August 4, 2018

Many successful people keep homes in Florida and Illinois.  When these people consider divorce in Florida or Illinois, they need to consider the strategic advantages and disadvantages of both jurisdictions. I am uniquely qualified to answer this question as I…

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What Do I Need To Prove To Get A Divorce in Chicago, Illinois? Do I Need To Prove An Affair? Do I Need To Prove Abuse?

By Russell Knight | July 26, 2018
| |

Starting from January 1, 2016, Illinois joined a majority of states in the USA in eliminating all the fault-based grounds for divorce. This was done through Public Act 99-90 that removed all fault-based grounds for divorce and the only ground…

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How Will My Retirement Or My Spouse’s Retirement Effect My Chicago, Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | May 19, 2018
| | |

Divorce law in Illinois is largely written for couples with two working adults who may have children.  Illinois divorce law doesn’t explicitly consider retirement and divorce.  But, many principles can be derived from the statutes and case law so that…

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Do I Have To Pay For My Child’s College If It’s Bad School After A Chicago, Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | May 9, 2018
| |

After an Illinois divorce, your obligation to pay child support ends when a child has turned 18 or graduated high school (whichever comes last) but you are still obligated to contribute to your child’s college education.  But what if your…

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How Do I Seal My Chicago, Illinois Divorce Court File?

By Russell Knight | May 2, 2018
| |

Did you know that all of the filings in your Chicago, Illinois, divorce are accessible to the public? How do you keep your divorce file private? It’s called sealing your divorce file. In Cook County, Illinois, (which includes Chicago) you…

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In Chicago, Illinois, Can I Make An Out Of Court Deal With My Ex?

By Russell Knight | May 1, 2018
| | |

In Chicago, Illinois, the general rule is that courts have the exclusive authority to modify child support and are not bound by the parties’ agreements concerning child support. Blisset v. Blisset, 123 Ill. 2d 161, 167 (1988). In Blisset, Illinois’…

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What Is The Right Of First Refusal In A Chicago, Illinois Divorce or Parentage Case?

By Russell Knight | March 13, 2018
| |

Illinois divorce law is specific that at least one of the child’s parents should be with the child if possible.  If not, you can invoke “the right of first refusal.” Often a parent will exercise his parenting time without actually…

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