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“The rules of court we have promulgated are not aspirational. They are not suggestions. They have the force of law, and the presumption must be that they will be obeyed and enforced as written.” Bright v. Dicke, 652 N.E.2d 275 (1995)

“[E]veryone is presumed to know the law and ignorance of the law excuses no one” Jones v. Board of Education of the City of Chicago, 2013 IL App (1st) 122437

“Arguments without citation of authority are forfeited.” Porter v. Cub Cadet LLC, 2020 IL App (2d) 190823

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Mortgage balance worth more than the house in an Illinois divorce
Marital Property

Illinois Divorce With An Upside Down Mortgage

After 17 years of divorcing people, I have learned that the average Illinois resident only has two assets: their 401(k) and their home. Their home is worth as much as it would sell for on

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Deposing your spouse in an Illinois divorce

How To Depose Your Spouse In An Illinois Divorce

The divorce process is a massive buildup. You file a petition for dissolution of marriage, you exchange discovery, you participate in pretrials, you finally either settle all issues or take the matter to trial. During

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Wills Trusts and Divorce in Illinois
Illinois Law

Can A Will Or Trust Encourage Divorce In Illinois?

Parents will immediately offer to help their children, emotionally and financially, when their children get divorced. Some parents actively encourage their children to get divorced. Some parents wish they could take it a step further…and

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Child custody and race in Illinois
child custody

Race And Child Custody In Illinois

Custody battles occur when two parents have different parenting styles. Naturally, two parents from two different cultures will be prone to different parenting styles and the subsequent conflict that can create. While the parties may

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How do you know if you have to pay maintenance in Illinois?

Which Spouse Pays Maintenance In An Illinois Divorce?

In an Illinois divorce, the amount of maintenance (formerly known as alimony), the duration of maintenance, the modifiability of maintenance are all important considerations. The first step in considering maintenance in an Illinois divorce is

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Alimony Buyout In An Illinois Divorce

Maintenance Buyout In An Illinois Divorce

Maintenance (formerly known as alimony) in Illinois is an ongoing obligation for a set amount per month over a set duration of time. Most people would simply prefer to be finished with their ex-spouse instead

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Anger Management And Divorce In Illinois
Orders of Protection

Anger Management Classes In An Illinois Divorce

People who get divorced yell at each other…a lot. While we are only human, there is a level of anger is impermissible and, likely, dangerous. When one party to a divorce in Illinois is frequently

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Motion to quash subpoena

Quashing A Subpoena In An Illinois Divorce

A divorce is a total breakdown of trust between two parties to a marriage. Because of that breakdown in trust, the parties to a divorce must verify information from third parties. The information in need

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Protecting a 401(k) plan in an Illinois divorce
Property Division

Are 401(k)s Protected From A Divorce In Illinois?

Most people have two big assets: their home and their retirement savings. The retirement savings are usually kept in a tax-deferred account like a 401(k). 401(k)s are a great tool for savers. 401(k)s are automatically

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