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Are Divorce Settlement Negotiations Confidential In Illinois?

By Russell Knight | December 3, 2020
secret settlement offer

In the process of an Illinois divorce, the parties will often make settlement offers to resolve some or all of the issues in their divorce. An offer isn’t a deal until the offer is accepted by both parties to the divorce. So, an offer of settlement in a divorce creates a vulnerability for the offeror: it lets the other party know the terms at which they will resolve the divorce…

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Household and Personal Items In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | November 28, 2020
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Personal items in an Illinois divorce

When faced with divorce there are lots of big financial questions like “who gets the house” and “how much alimony will I get?” In addition to the big issues, there is the entire lifetime of items that a couple will have accumulated over the years. What happens to all these household and personal items during and after an Illinois divorce? Dividing Household And Personal Items By Agreement In An Illinois…

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Deferred Compensation Plans And Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | November 27, 2020
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Illinois Divorce And Deferred Compensation

There are so many ways to save for retirement that it feels like you have to be a financial expert to understand the various retirement accounts available and their respective tax advantages. In reality, most retirement plans in the United States fall under the umbrella of being a “deferred compensation plan.” Deferred compensation plans even at their most basic, still, usually, require a divorce atto What Is A Deferred Compensation…

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Royalties And Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | November 26, 2020
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Divorce and royalty income in Illinois

Getting paid for working is nice. But getting paid over and over again for work that’s already been done is even better. The problem with a lot of work is that the creator and their investors/distributors have no idea what income the work will generate over time. So, the creator, the artist, the investors and distributors create a system whereby every member of the agreement gets a pre-defined amount of…

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Transmutation of Assets In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | November 21, 2020
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Mixing Money In An Illinois Divorce

When people get married, they join their lives…at least on an ongoing basis. There are still items from their past that will always remain with them. Whether it is a keepsake or an entire house, what you bring into a marriage you get to take out of the marriage after a divorce. There is a big exception, however. If a property from before your marriage or outside of your marriage…

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