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Privileged Communication In An Illinois Divorce Hearing or Trial

By Russell Knight | July 18, 2021
Privilege In An Illinois Divorce

The Illinois courts and legislature have decided that everyone should have a few places where they can communicate safely without fear of that communication being repeated. This concept is known as “privilege” and it prevents a party from divulging information that was communicated in a special relationship. There are many special relationships recognized by Illinois law. Let’s go through each of them individually and what information they protect from being…

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Agreements Before An Illinois Divorce Is Final

By Russell Knight | July 17, 2021
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Agreement Before Divorce Is Final

The Illinois divorce process leads up to a final day when the judgment for dissolution of marriage is entered and the final agreement of the parties is stamped by the clerk of court. Leading up to that point, the parties are permitted and encouraged to enter into agreements to resolve their temporary and even final issues in their divorce. The question is: are these agreements binding and, if so, how…

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Innocent Spouse Relief And Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | July 11, 2021
Tax Debt Relief After Divorce

People who cheat on their spouses, betray their spouse’s trust and disregard their spouse’s feelings…usually don’t care much about what they owe the Federal government in taxes. But, most spouses file their taxes jointly and, therefore, both spouses sign the tax return. “The fact that an individual’s name is signed to a return, statement, or other document shall be prima facie evidence for all purposes that the return, statement, or…

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Repetitive Questions In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | July 10, 2021
Cumulative questions in Illinois

If an Illinois divorce court has determined that your question is relevant and not subject to the bar against hearsay, the witness must answer your question. But once the witness has answered a question you are not allowed to continue to ask the same question repeatedly. In Illinois, the judge can control the courtroom for the sake of effectiveness and efficiency. This means no repetitive questions will be allowed. “The…

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Speculative Answers In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | July 10, 2021
Speculation objection

The point of questioning a witness in an Illinois divorce is to elicit knowledge that they accurately and verifiably possess. If the witness testifies to something they do not actually know, they are speculating. Speculative answers should be met with an “Objection! The question calls for speculation” by the opposing counsel. The best hint that a speculative answer is coming is that it was asked with a speculative question. That…

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