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Parental Alienation In Illinois

By Russell Knight | July 9, 2020
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Illinois parental alienation

When two parents decide to no longer continue their relationship with each other they still must maintain a relationship with the children. When one parent’s relationship with his or her child is harmed by the other parent the term “parental alienation” is often invoked by psychiatrists and family law attorneys.  What is parental alienation in Illinois? What Is Parental Alienation? “Parental alienation syndrome” is a term coined in 1985 to…

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Stepparents and Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | July 7, 2020
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Step-parents In An Illinois Divorce

Divorce isn’t just the ending of a marriage, divorces can also be a new beginning.  New relationships will blossom and then strengthen. If a divorced person has children, this means that there will be a stepparent situation that everyone will have to embrace and/or deal with. So, how are stepparents treated in a divorce? What Is A Stepparent Under Illinois Law? The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act defines the…

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Timeshares And Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | July 5, 2020
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Illinois divorce and timeshares

Divorce is about unwinding two people’s professional and personal relationship. Each party to the divorce keeps certain assets and is assigned responsibility for certain debts. But some things are either both an asset and a debt or kind of neither, like a timeshare.  So, what happens to a timeshare in an Illinois divorce? What Is A Timeshare? A timeshare is the partial ownership of a property (or group of properties)…

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Second Jobs, Overtime And Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | July 5, 2020
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Overtime and 2nd Jobs In An Illinois Divorce

Divorce is financially stressful.  Two incomes used to support one household before the divorce.  After the divorce, one income often supports two households. On top of those household expenses are the divorce attorneys’ fees.  Often the only way to pay these expenses is to get a second job or overtime hours. But, how does a second job or overtime affect an Illinois divorce? Second Jobs and Overtime During an Illinois…

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What Is A Judgment For Dissolution Of Marriage In An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | July 4, 2020
Final Divorce Decree In Illinois

A Judgment For Dissolution Of Marriage is the final written document at the end of the divorce process. A married couple in Illinois remains married until the final Judgment For Dissolution Of Marriage is entered by an Illinois court with the words “the bonds of matrimony existing between Petitioner and Respondent are hereby dissolved.” What Is A Judgment In An Illinois Divorce A judgment is “the official and authentic decision…

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