How Can I Protect My Credit Score During My Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | May 18, 2020
Credit Score and divorce in Illinois

Divorce is a tumultuous time. Your family is no longer the same. Your finances are completely reshuffled causing you to turn to credit cards and other debt. Debt can become a lifeline during a divorce’s uncertainty. Therefore it’s natural to wonder how a divorce can affect your credit score and how you can protect your credit score during an Illinois divorce? In practical terms, a credit score is akin to…

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Supervised Visitation In Illinois

By Russell Knight | May 17, 2020
Supervised parenting time in Illinois

The right to see your children is fundamental to the entire Illinois family law system. That being said, some parents just don’t feel their children are safe when the children are with the other parent. How can we balance the need to keep children safe and the need for a child to have regular contact with both parents? Usually the temporary answer is to impose some kind of supervised visitation…

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Back Child Support In Illinois

By Russell Knight | May 16, 2020
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Retroactive child support in Illinois

Child support in Illinois is always owed from one parent to another when they are no longer parenting together or haven’t come to some kind of agreement that waives child support. When does the obligation of child support begin and how does the obligor parent pay the back child support owed. Back child support can be a thing whether an existing Illinois child support order exists or not. If a…

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Secondhand Smoke And Child Custody In Illinois

By Russell Knight | May 14, 2020
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Smoking and Divorce in Illinois

Smoking cigarettes is less and less common today…but 15% of Illinois’ population still smokes cigarettes, pipes, cigars and other forms of tobacco. No one wants their kids to smoke cigarettes or even be exposed to secondhand smoke but people who smoke cigarettes are addicted to nicotine and often prioritize smoking over their children’s health.  So, what is the rule regarding secondhand smoke and child custody in Illinois?  in 1977 the…

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Student Loans and Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | May 13, 2020
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student loan debt and Illinois divorce

Everyone knows that you split the assets in a divorce but people rarely consider that you also have to split up the debts.  Usually debts are associated with an asset like a house and a car so whoever keeps the asset, keeps the debt.  When it comes to student loans, however, there is no physical asset.  So, who is responsible for the student loans in an Illinois divorce? Is The…

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