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Staying On Your Spouse’s Insurance After An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | December 5, 2021
Health Insurance post-divorce

When you get divorced two parties no longer have any obligations to each other that are not enshrined in their marital settlement agreement. There is no obligation to insure your spouse or your former spouse under the Illinois Marriage And Dissolution Of Marriage Act. But, in Illinois an insurance company cannot offer health insurance without also offering to insure a policy holder’s spouse and children. “No policy of…health insurance, nor…

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How To Contest Service In An Illinois Divorce Case

By Russell Knight | December 4, 2021
Contesting Service In Illinois

Once a petition for dissolution of marriage or a petition for parentage is filed in an Illinois court, that petition and its summons must be served upon the other party promptly. “After the filing of the petition, the party filing the same shall, within 2 days, serve a copy thereof upon the other party, in the manner provided by rule of the Supreme Court for service of notices in other…

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Prohibiting Contact Between A Parent And A Child In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | December 4, 2021
Restricted Parenting Time In Illinois

A child needs both parents in their life. If one parent has a drug problem or a personality disorder, it may be in the child’s best interest that they have limited or no contact whatsoever with the offending parent. Normally in an Illinois divorce court, “liberal visitation [(parenting time)] is the rule and restricted visitation [(parenting time)] is the exception.” Heldebrandt v. Heldebrandt, 251 Ill. App. 3d 950, 957, 623…

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Children’s Health Insurance In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | November 30, 2021
health insurance for children after divorce in Illinois

Children are expensive. You have to feed them, clothe them, give them shelter and keep them healthy. Keeping children healthy means having your children insured both during and after your Illinois divorce. “The duty to provide health insurance is an integral part of a parent’s current and future support obligations.” In re Marriage of Seitzinger, 775 NE 2d 282 – Ill: Appellate Court, 4th Dist. 2002 Health Insurance For Children…

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Public Records In An Illinois Divorce Trial Or Hearing

By Russell Knight | November 21, 2021
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Government documents in an Illinois divorce

You cannot just show up in an Illinois divorce court with a bunch of documents for a judge to review. Documents are an “out of court statement to prove the truth of the matter asserted.” Therefore, documents are hearsay and inadmissible in an Illinois court of law. The theory is that anyone could have written the document and you cannot cross-examine a document. So, a document, by itself, is inherently…

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