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My Ex Owes Me Child Support. How Do I Collect That Child Support In Chicago, Illinois?

By Russell Knight | December 17, 2017
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Whether you had an Illinois divorce with a child or you had an Illinois parentage case, if your ex owes you child support it is presumed that an order was entered in an Illinois court requiring him or her to pay child support. If the other parent has not paid child support pursuant to that order, the other parent is violating that child support order. Sometimes the facts are now…

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Can My Spouse Pay My Attorney’s Fees in Chicago, Illinois?

By Russell Knight | December 11, 2017
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In Chicago, Illinois, there are two ways that your spouse can be responsible for your attorney’s fees: 1) the interim attorney’s fees (those fees that are owed to an attorney during the divorce) and 2) Final attorney’s fees (those fees which are owed at the end of a divorce). Interim Attorney’s Fees “interim attorney’s fees and costs” means attorney’s fees and costs assessed from time to time while a case…

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In Chicago, Illinois, is property acquired after separation marital or non-marital property?

By Russell Knight | December 10, 2017
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In 12 years of practicing family law in Chicago, Illinois I’ve found that parties almost always separate and begin pursuing separate lives before they even file for divorce.  Often, the parties will then believe that a “line in the sand” has been drawn where their earnings are no longer the property of their spouse as well.  Property earned or acquired after divorce is often treated like any other property in…

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Will My Children Have To Testify In My Chicago, Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | December 10, 2017
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Children are, indeed, a part of a family and their voices can be used to influence the eventual structure of that family after the divorce. Yet, it isn’t always certain that children will or will not testify in a Chicago, Illinois divorce proceeding. In Chicago, Illinois, parents, children and the court system in general are loathe to involve children to the point where children have to provide testimony.  This is…

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My work schedule doesn’t allow me to have regular, specific time off. How will I see my children in Chicago, Illinois?

By Russell Knight | November 27, 2017

This situation is extremely common for Chicago’s firemen, police, and hospital workers.  Typically, some kind of letter is required from your employer outlining the conditions of your employment including the scheduling arrangement.  If your schedule is truly in constant flux, most parenting agreements include a notice provision to accommodate parenting time for the parent with the fluctuating schedule. The notice provision requires the parent with fluctuating schedule to provide notice…

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