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Parenting in Chicago Alone # 7: Morton Arboretum

By Russell Knight | October 31, 2014
Places to go with your kids

This is number seven in my series of “Parenting Alone In Chicago.”  My hope is that my clients or my readers can use these posts as a list of places to enjoy with their children after their divorce, separation or even just a weekend where they have the kids by themselves.  Being a parent isn’t easy and being a single parent is even harder so these locations will help get…

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Parenting Alone In Chicago # 6: Maggie Daley Park

By Russell Knight | October 30, 2014
Places to go with your kids in Chicago

This is number six in my series of things to do with children while parenting alone.  Whether you’re divorced, separated or just have the kids for the weekend, I hope these suggestions will help you make memories with your children.  I’m not just a lawyer, I’m also a dad. While Chicago is typically not the most kid-friendly city there is a massive kid focused park located in the middle of…

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