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"The rules of court we have promulgated are not aspirational. They are not suggestions. They have the force of law, and the presumption must be that they will be obeyed and enforced as written." Bright v. Dicke, 652 N.E.2d 275 (1995)

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How do we determine which district my child will attend school in Chicago?

By Russell Knight | January 7, 2016
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In Illinois, you can come to any kind of agreement with your ex as to where the child will attend school. Specifically, 750 ILCS ILCS 602.10(f)(6) requires that a parenting plan must include “the child’s residential address for school enrollment purposes only”. If you cannot agree, you can petition the court to enter an allocation of parenting responsibilities and parenting time that includes the school residency.  The court will use…

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In Chicago, Illinois Can I Record My Conversations With My Spouse?

By Russell Knight | December 5, 2015
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Many people believe they can get some kind of leverage in a divorce case by recording their conversations with their spouses or exes. What’s more, recording a phone call is now extremely easy due to the record functionality being available on virtually all smartphones. In Illinois, recording a phone conversation is illegal. 720 ILCS 5/14-2 reads “A person commits eavesdropping when he or she knowingly and intentionally…Uses an eavesdropping device,…

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Can I Change My Judge in Cook County, Illinois?

By Russell Knight | May 7, 2015
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In a contested Chicago divorce, a judge has enormous power your future and the future of your family.  Therefore, you’re going to want to a judge who will fairly consider all the factors in your divorce case.  If you believe the judge you have cannot rule fairly you must find out if you can change your judge in Cook County, Illinois. In Cook County, Illinois when you file a petition…

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In Chicago, Illinois Can I Sue The Person Who Stole My Wife Or Husband From Me?

By Russell Knight | March 8, 2015
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You can sue the person who seduced your husband or wife…or at least you used to be able to in Illinois. It’s called “Alienation of Affection.” Alientation of affection is the wrongful act of one person that interferes with the affection one spouse has for the other. This could be when a husband or wife is deprived of the other’s affection because they have fallen in love with someone else.…

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Parenting Alone In Chicago # 17: Bad Axe Throwing

By Russell Knight | December 17, 2014
Parenting alone in Chicago

This is number 17 in my series of things to do with children if and while you’re parenting alone. Whether you are divorced, separated or just alone for the day with the kids, I hope these posts can be a guide of things to do with your kids in a city that isn’t set up for kids, Chicago. I’m not just a lawyer, I’m also a dad. Usually, I talk…

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