How To Get 50/50 Joint Custody in An Illinois Divorce or Parentage Action

By Russell Knight | May 10, 2022
Illinois joint custody

In an Illinois divorce, you can lose a lot.  You can lose your assets and you can lose time with your kids.  In the end, you can make more money but you can’t get back time with your kids. For…

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How Long Can You Leave a Child Unattended In Illinois?

By Russell Knight | March 21, 2022
Can I leave my child alone in Illinois?

In today’s society, children are not left alone.  Kids just aren’t trusted to be on their own. The concern is rarely the children themselves but outside threats, perceived or real. Still, it is impractical to think that a parent will…

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How Far Away Can A Parent Move And Still Have 50/50 Joint Custody in Illinois

By Russell Knight | March 14, 2022
Moving With Kids in Illinois

Once you have 50/50 joint physical custody of your kids after an Illinois divorce and paternity action, you’re not likely to ever change your schedule.  Still, life will come at you with changes like new work schedules, new spouses and…

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How Is Child Custody Determined In Illinois?

By Russell Knight | February 27, 2022
Child Custody In Illinois

Child custody used to be an all-encompassing concept in Illinois law. You either had custody of your child…or you didn’t. If you did not have sole custody or no custody at all maybe you could agree to joint custody. Child…

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Getting Divorced In Illinois Without Really Getting Divorced

By Russell Knight | February 26, 2022
| | | |
Coming to an agreement without divorce

Getting a divorce is a big deal. Some people just aren’t ready for a divorce. If you can no longer live with your husband or wife…but cannot abandon your home and file for divorce, you may want to functionally separate…

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Why Is Custody Usually Awarded To Women In Illinois?

By Russell Knight | February 17, 2022
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Mothers get custody in Illinois

If you do a quick survey of divorce parents with children in Illinois, you will notice something very quickly: the women usually have more parenting time. Aren’t Illinois child custody laws supposed to be blind to gender? Why do women…

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At What Age Can A Child Choose Not To Visit The Non-Custodial Parent In Illinois?

By Russell Knight | January 31, 2022
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Children's decisions and divorce

Parenting children is not easy.  Parenting children is even harder when you’re not parenting in the same household as the other parent.  The shuttling back and forth of children to two different homes is hard on everyone involved. Children are…

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Sole Custody in an Illinois Divorce or Parentage Action

By Russell Knight | January 17, 2022
Illinois Sole Custody

There are lots of kinds of custody in Illinois.  Sole custody implies that the child or children spend all of their time with one parent and the other parent has no say in how the child or children are raised. …

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Can My Ex Take My Child’s Phone After An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | January 3, 2022
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Cell phones and parenting in Illinois

Cell phones are ubiquitous nowadays…even for children.   For the children of divorced parents, cell phones can let each parent have constant communication with the child. Children can use their phones in case of emergency to contact either parent. But,…

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Illinois Child Custody Orders When Parents Live In Different States

By Russell Knight | December 27, 2021
parenting time outside of Illinois

When people get divorced they move on. Some parents really move on…to other states. When a parent chooses to move to another state during or after the divorce, they’ll need to make a parenting time schedule and parental decision-making order…

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