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What Is A Status Call In An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | August 14, 2021
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Status Date in Illinois Divorce

Most court cases involve a moment in time: a crime was allegedly committed or an accident happened. A divorce, however, is an evolving situation. Because of the ongoing nature of a divorce case, the courts require frequent check-ins to ensure…

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What Is A Stipulation To Hear Uncontested Cause In A Cook County Divorce?

By Russell Knight | July 28, 2021
Stipulated to uncontested issues in an Illinois divorce

Ninety five percent of divorces in Cook County finalize by agreement rather than be resolved via a full blown trial. When cases do get resolved by agreement, the Cook county divorce court wants to ensure that EVERYTHING is truly resolved…

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In What County Do I File For Divorce In Illinois?

By Russell Knight | June 14, 2020
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jurisdiction in Illinois divorce

Illinois has 102 counties. Each county has its own court system for resolving divorce and other family law matters. The county wherein a divorce litigant files for divorce will determine who will decide the terms of that divorce.  Therefore, this…

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Pretrial In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | May 31, 2020
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Divorce pre-trials in Illinois

After months of status dates in court, exchanging documents and wondering when something will actually happen in your divorce, the divorce judge’s voice will boom, “Pretrial is scheduled for next month.  Have your memos delivered to my clerk 7 days…

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Court Ordered Parenting Class In Illinois

By Russell Knight | May 25, 2020
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Parenting Class In Illinois Divorce

Divorce and/or a custody battle is stressful enough.  Illinois family law and family courts think you should be assigned some homework in the middle of it all…parenting classes. In Illinois, you can’t finalize your divorce or your custody litigation until…

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Modifying Child Support in Illinois

By Russell Knight | May 10, 2020
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Child support in Illinois

Child support orders get entered in Illinois when two parents divorce or establish paternity. As the years go by, each parent will make more or less money and the needs of the child will change with time. How does child…

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Dismissing a Divorce in Illinois

By Russell Knight | April 26, 2020
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Dismiss Illinois Divorce

The first step in a divorce in Illinois is always filing a Petition For Dissolution Of Marriage.  The last step is the entry of the final divorce judgment or the granting of a motion to dismiss the divorce petition. How…

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Do I Have To Fill Out A Financial Affidavit In An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | April 23, 2020
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Financial Affidavit in Illinois Divorce

After you’ve retained a divorce attorney for your Illinois divorce, one of the first things you’ll be asked to do is to fill out the Financial Affidavit for Divorce & Family Cases.  This is a standardized, approved by the Illinois…

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Default Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | April 20, 2020
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Default Divorce in Illinois

The Illinois divorce process is very regimented.  There are a series of steps that the petitioner and the respondent must follow.  If either party doesn’t follow those steps, then the judge calls a “foul” and if it gets too bad,…

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Illinois Divorce Hearings During The COVID-19 pandemic

By Russell Knight | April 19, 2020
Zoom hearings in Chicago divorce cases

As of the date of this article’s publication, April 19, 2020, courts in Cook County, Illinois are currently operating on a very limited basis. Also, as of this date, Cook County Courts are scheduled to reopen on May 18, 2020.…

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