Can A Working Spouse Get Maintenance In Illinois?

By Russell Knight | December 26, 2021
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Working wife and alimony in Illinois

In Illinois, alimony is now called “maintenance.” An Illinois divorce court is empowered to award maintenance during an Illinois divorce. “[T]he court may grant a maintenance award for either spouse in amounts and for periods of time as the court…

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Vocational Evaluations In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | September 15, 2021
Vocational Assessment In Illinois

When a divorce happens in Illinois, the income of both parties is used to determine the support one party will pay the other. Additionally, the income the parties should be able to earn will be considered in making the determination…

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Mental Examinations In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | September 11, 2021
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Can you force your spouse to see a psychiatrist?

As a divorce attorney, I have been told many times by potential clients that “my spouse is crazy.” Are all these spouses really mentally ill? We can always find out if a spouse has mental health issues using Illinois law.…

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Objections At A Deposition During an Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | August 29, 2021
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Defending a deposition during an Illinois divorce

While everyone knows, more or less, how a trial works, a deposition is a little baffling. An attorney can ask anyone they like to appear at a date and time certain to be questioned about matters which will be revealed…on…

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201(k) Communication And Discovery In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | August 15, 2021
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201(k) letters in Illinois divorce

During an Illinois divorce, sooner or later, you will receive an email or a letter that says “pursuant to Illinois Supreme Court Rule 201(k)…” and then a bunch of demands will follow. What is this? A threat? Or just empty…

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Compelling Discovery In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | August 14, 2021
Motion To Compel In An Illinois Divorce

The Illinois Supreme Court Rules provide a variety of tools by which each party to a law suit may request information from your spouse/ex-spouse or third parties who hold information relevant to the pending divorce case. These tools include notices…

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How To Read Your Spouse’s Financial Affidavit In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | May 22, 2021
Inspecting Spouse's Financial Affidavit

At the beginning of an Illinois divorce or whenever an Illinois divorce is reopened, the parties must exchange financial affidavits with each other. “(i) The Petitioner shall serve the completed “Financial Affidavit” not later than thirty (30) days after service…

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Can My Spouse Search My Phone Or Computer In My Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | December 19, 2020
privacy and divorce in Illinois

Our lives are documented by our computers. All of us carry a tiny computer on us or next to us 24 hours a day that we refer to by just one of it’s functions: a phone. What we did. Who…

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How To Read A W-2 In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | November 13, 2020
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W2 divorce

In almost every Illinois divorce financial documents will be exchanged between the parties. This exchange always includes the parties’ taxes, which may have been filed together. The tax return usually tells 90% of a divorcing party’s financial story in regards…

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How To Read A 1040 Tax Return In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | October 31, 2020
Inspecting Tax Returns In An Illinois DIvorce

Tax returns are a record of an individual’s income that are presented to the United States federal government. If the tax returns are not complete and factual, the filer can face a myriad of penalties and possible criminal prosecution. So,…

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