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Signatures In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | September 17, 2021
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Signatures during an Illinois divorce

The Illinois Supreme Court has released the Divorce requires a lot of filings with the court. Those filings usually require the signature of a party to the divorce and/or their attorney to certify what is written on the filings. What…

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False Reports To DCFS In Illinois

By Russell Knight | September 16, 2021
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False Allegation to Illinois DCFS

Divorces are heated. Often, parents don’t agree on how to raise their children. Sometimes, parents, their relatives and/or friends can even believe a child is in danger to the point where they call the authorities. In Illinois, the Department of…

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Can I Send My Illinois Divorce To Arbitration?

By Russell Knight | September 12, 2021
| |
Arbitration clause in a prenuptial agreement

Sophisticated business people know that arbitration is much cheaper and simpler than litigation. Therefore, contracts will often include an arbitration clause that will pre-empt litigation by agreement of the parties. Can arbitration be a substitute for divorce court proceedings in…

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What Happens If I Don’t Go To Court In My Illinois Divorce Case?

By Russell Knight | August 30, 2021
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Not appearing in an Illinois divorce case

As of the writing of this article, people don’t physically go to court per many local court rules due to COVID. Still, parties to an Illinois divorce must appear sometimes in court to either say something before the court or…

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What If My Spouse Disappears During Our Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | August 25, 2021
Disappearing spouse in an Illinois divorce

An Illinois divorce court has enormous powers…so long as the court can enforce those powers. It is very difficult to enforce an Illinois court order when one of the parties has left Illinois or the United States of America. What…

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What Is An Order In An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | August 21, 2021
Court orders in an Illinois divorce

When two parties to an Illinois divorce cannot agree on an issue, they turn to an Illinois divorce judge to make the decision for them. That decision by the court is an “order.” After every appearance in court, the judge…

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How Can A Mentally Disabled Person Get A Divorce In Illinois?

By Russell Knight | August 18, 2021
disabled divorce in Illinois

Slowly and surely our health and the health of our loved ones begins to fail. Unfortunately, these mental disabilities can be too much for loved ones to bear and a divorce becomes necessary as the disabled spouse receives their care…

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What Is A Status Call In An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | August 14, 2021
| | |
Status Date in Illinois Divorce

Most court cases involve a moment in time: a crime was allegedly committed or an accident happened. A divorce, however, is an evolving situation. Because of the ongoing nature of a divorce case, the courts require frequent check-ins to ensure…

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Notice In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | July 31, 2021
Notice in an Illinois divorce

Almost everything a litigant does in an Illinois divorce does requires that the other party be notified. There are no surprises in an Illinois divorce. The reason surprises are forbidden in an Illinois divorce is that litigation by surprise is…

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Agreements Before An Illinois Divorce Is Final

By Russell Knight | July 17, 2021
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Agreement Before Divorce Is Final

The Illinois divorce process leads up to a final day when the judgment for dissolution of marriage is entered and the final agreement of the parties is stamped by the clerk of court. Leading up to that point, the parties…

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