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Bad Behavior And “Unclean Hands” In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | July 29, 2022
Unclean Hands In An Illinois Divorce

Whenever I tell people I am a divorce lawyer they say, “You must have a lot of stories.” I do have a lot of stories, but I cannot tell any of those stories because of attorney-client privilege and general human…

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Should You Tell Your Spouse You Are Filing For Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | July 23, 2022
Talking to a spouse in advance of divorce in Illinois

People are rarely surprised when they find out their spouse wants a divorce. Discussing the prospect of divorce is preferable to bombarding your spouse with filed divorce papers. Still, there are considerations about how much you should tell your spouse…

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Stepparents and Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | July 13, 2022
Step-parents In An Illinois Divorce

Divorce isn’t just the ending of a marriage, divorces can also be a new beginning.  New relationships will blossom and then strengthen. If a divorced person has children, this means that there will be a stepparent situation that everyone will have…

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Can My Spouse Turn Off Utilities During An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | July 9, 2022
Utility Bills And Divorce In Illinois

Married people each have their own roles within the marriage. One spouse does the dishes. One spouse takes out the garbage. Often, one spouse is in charge of paying the bills. What happens when an Illinois spouse stops paying bills…

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My Illinois Divorce Lawyer Agreed To An Order That I Do Not Agree With!

By Russell Knight | July 5, 2022
My divorce lawyer entered into an agreement without my approval

Your Illinois divorce lawyer knows the law and the divorce process better than you do. That is why you hired that divorce lawyer. The divorce lawyer prepared temporary motions, issued discovery and prepared proposed agreements to resolve your divorce. A…

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Can A Spouse Serve Divorce Papers In Illinois?

By Russell Knight | July 4, 2022
Spouse serving divorce documents themselves

Most people have a pretty good idea of how the divorce process works. It is the first few steps of the divorce process that make people realize “maybe I don’t know as much as I should.” The first flummoxing step…

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Settling A Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | June 26, 2022
Settlement In An Illinois Divorce

Sometimes a divorce is not that complicated. You used to be together…and now you are not. You have some assets, some debts, income and maybe some kids. Let’s resolve this divorce with a reasonable compromise! Your spouse may not see…

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Mental Illness And Divorce in Illinois

By Russell Knight | June 26, 2022
Mental Health And Divorce?

The family law and divorce system in Illinois was written and promulgated imagining reasonable, rational parties unwinding their lives in a logical manner. We all get emotional during a break up and the family law system is set up to…

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Is It Worth Contesting An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | June 25, 2022
Contested Divorce In Illinois

Sometimes a marriage is over way before the marriage is officially over. One day your estranged spouse will hand you proposed divorce papers to sign or you’ll be served with divorce papers months or years after you have already split…

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529 Plans and Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | June 25, 2022
Divorce and 529 plans in Illinois

Being a parent in America is expensive.  The first four years are the massive expense of daycare and then 13 years later is the massive expense of college.  Some parents plan for these expenses by saving in advance by investing…

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