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Mental Illness And Divorce in Illinois

By Russell Knight | June 26, 2022
Mental Health And Divorce?

The family law and divorce system in Illinois was written and promulgated imagining reasonable, rational parties unwinding their lives in a logical manner. We all get emotional during a break up and the family law system is set up to…

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529 Plans and Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | June 25, 2022
Divorce and 529 plans in Illinois

Being a parent in America is expensive.  The first four years are the massive expense of daycare and then 13 years later is the massive expense of college.  Some parents plan for these expenses by saving in advance by investing…

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Can I Change My Judge in Cook County, Illinois?

By Russell Knight | June 9, 2022

In a contested Chicago divorce, a judge has enormous power your future and the future of your family.  Therefore, you’re going to want to a judge who will fairly consider all the factors in your divorce case.  If you believe…

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Motion To Bifurcate An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | May 28, 2022
Bifurcating an Illinois divorce

Everyone who files for divorce wants the divorce over as soon as possible. You cannot get divorced in Illinois until all the issues are resolved. “Judgment shall not be entered unless, to the extent it has jurisdiction to do so,…

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Quit Claim Deeds And Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | May 23, 2022
Deeds and divorce in Illinois

When two people are married and buy real estate, there are incredible incentives to hold the property jointly. Jointly held property has the right of survivorship. If one spouse dies, the entire property passes to the other spouse without the…

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How Soon Can I File For Divorce In Illinois?

By Russell Knight | May 17, 2022
Do you have to wait 90 days to get a divorce in Illinois?

You used to live somewhere other than Illinois. Maybe you still live outside of Illinois but you want to file for divorce in Illinois. How soon can you file for divorce in Illinois and take advantage of Illinois’ sometimes generous/sometimes…

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Frivolous Filings In An Illinois Divorce Case

By Russell Knight | May 17, 2022
Frivolous motions in an Illinois divorce

After a divorce is filed in Illinois, the parties establish themselves as separate units with separate financial needs and schedules. The parties also collect evidence for eventual trial. After the parties are divorced, either party can file motions to modify…

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Child Support and 50/50 Custody In Illinois

By Russell Knight | May 11, 2022
Child Support With 50/50 Custody

Everyone knows that the parent who has the child the majority of the time is awarded child support.  But what happens when neither parent has the child most of the time? What if the parents are splitting custody 50/50?  What…

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How Does An Appeals Court Review An Illinois Divorce Order?

By Russell Knight | May 7, 2022
Standard of review in an Illinois divorce appeal

In an Illinois divorce appellate court in Illinois reviews final orders, interlocutory (temporary) orders and custody/parenting time orders. “Every final judgment of a circuit court in a civil case is appealable as of right.” Ill. Sup. Ct. R. 301 “An…

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Post-Trial Motions In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | April 30, 2022
Post-trial motions in an Illinois divorce

After an adverse ruling in an Illinois divorce trial, the parties to the divorce need not tuck their tail between their legs and say “Well, I guess that’s it.” In an Illinois divorce, it ain’t over until it’s over…and that’s,…

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