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Bonus Income And Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | April 3, 2020
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divorce in chicago and bonus

Money is a funny thing in an Illinois divorce. In a divorce, money is an asset which can be divisible or not based on whether it is marital.  In a divorce money is also evidence of income which can determine…

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Freezing Assets During an Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | March 23, 2020
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Freeze Assets in an Illinois Divorce

When a divorce begins, there is a fundamental lack of trust between the two spouses. This lack of trust is especially strong when it comes to finances. There will always be suspicion that one spouse will try to hide of…

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Personal Injury And Divorce in Chicago, Illinois

By Russell Knight | August 8, 2019
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Personal injury and divorce in Chicago Illinois

Big changes in life can often be a trigger for a divorce.  There are fewer bigger changes than sustaining a significant personal injury and then receiving a subsequent settlement or award for that personal injury.  Often, this change in physical…

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How Do You Get Legally Separated in Chicago, Illinois?

By Russell Knight | July 15, 2019
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Legal Separation in Chicago

Legal separation is a good scenario for conflict: not quite married, not quite divorced.  Not surprisingly, people are always getting legally separated on television because it adds conflict to a storyline. This leads the American public to believe that legal…

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What Happens To Foreign Property In A Divorce?

By Russell Knight | April 17, 2019
| |
Overseas property in a divorce

A married couple may be from a foreign country, have a foreign vacation property or have diversified their investment portfolio by buying foreign property.  Property is still property no matter where it is located.  The question is “What happens to…

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What Is A Pre-Nuptial Agreement in Chicago, Illinois?

By Russell Knight | January 8, 2018
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What is a Prenup?

The term “pre-nup” is part of pop culture’s nomenclature. We hear about it on television, we hear about celebrities and athletes entering into pre-nuptial agreements, and we hear about it in music. However, how does a pre-nuptial or premarital agreement…

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Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrencies And Divorce

By Russell Knight | January 6, 2018
| |
cryptocurrency and division of assets

In 2017 millions of people invested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Millions of people also got divorced. Therefore, several Bitcoin owners got divorced and had to address the division of their marital assets…which included this new and strange asset which…

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Who Gets The Jewelry In A Chicago, Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | December 29, 2017
| | | |

Jewelry is a peculiar asset. Jewelry’s value has to be estimated by a professional before that value is known.  Jewelry can often “disappear” during a divorce. Most all, jewelry is usually a gift.  But, who gets the jewelry in a…

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Who Gets To Live In The House While We’re Getting Divorced In Chicago, Illinois?

By Russell Knight | December 27, 2017
| | |

When someone asks me “Who gets to live in the house during the divorce?” My first advice to any potential client is that you have to take care of yourself first.  Take care of your physical, mental and emotional health. …

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In Chicago, Illinois, is property acquired after separation marital or non-marital property?

By Russell Knight | December 10, 2017
| | | | |

In 12 years of practicing family law in Chicago, Illinois I’ve found that parties almost always separate and begin pursuing separate lives before they even file for divorce.  Often, the parties will then believe that a “line in the sand”…

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