How We Charge

There are always upwards of 5 people employed in my office.  The rates are as follows

  • $ 325 an hour for Russell Knight.
  • $ 300 an hour for associate attorneys or co-counsels.
  • $ 125 an hour for paralegals

These labor rates are accounted for on a six minute basis and are explicitly explained within the invoices that are distributed.

75% of any domestic relations case is processing paperwork; preparing standard forms and motions, analyzing and producing discovery.  In our office, these matters are handled by paralegals and then reviewed by attorneys.  This allows us to stay current on our cases and keep our fees as reasonable as possible.

Our standard retainer to begin work is $ 1500 to $ 3000.  The retainer fee is a deposit paid initially to hire the Attorney.  The Attorney shall charge against the retainer based upon the hourly fees and costs.  The retainer is not the total amount of attorneys’ fees to be charged unless this is part of a “Set Fee” arrangement.

The total bill depends upon the total amount of work by the attorneys and paralegals and upon the costs incurred on behalf of the client.  The advance payment retainer amount will be deposited into the Law Office of Russell D. Knight’s operating account and become its property immediately.  Legal fees will be deducted from this amount

We have set our retainer fee low in order to incentivize ourselves and our clients to resolve the matter amicably.  Virtually all uncontested matters can be resolved for $ 1500 if the parties are truly cooperating.  We prefer to have this emotionally difficult process over with as little expense and drama as possible.  We know that our clients do as well.

Cases that are contested will almost certainly require additional payments beyond the $ 1500 will be required.

A case that is certain to be contested will be quoted a higher retainer of at least $ 3000.

Cases that become contested will require additional payments as fees accrue.

We offer free consultations to determine exactly what retainer will be necessary for the case.

Invoices are provided regularly and upon request.

Phone: (773) 334-6311

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Chicago, IL 60602