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Child Support and 50/50 Custody In Illinois

By Russell Knight | August 29, 2020
Child Support With 50/50 Custody

Everyone knows that the parent who has the child the majority of the time is awarded child support.  But what happens when neither parent has the child most of the time? What if the parents are splitting custody 50/50?  What…

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What Is Income In An Illinois Child Support Case?

By Russell Knight | August 2, 2020
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Income calculation for child support

Child support in Illinois is determined by the two parents’ incomes.  The two incomes go into a formula which “reflects the percentage of combined net income that parents living in the same household in this State ordinarily spend on their…

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Second Jobs, Overtime And Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | July 5, 2020
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Overtime and 2nd Jobs In An Illinois Divorce

Divorce is financially stressful.  Two incomes used to support one household before the divorce.  After the divorce, one income often supports two households. On top of those household expenses are the divorce attorneys’ fees.  Often the only way to pay…

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Child Support And Unmarried Parents In Illinois

By Russell Knight | May 23, 2020
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Child support Illinois

In Illinois, 39% of all children are born to unmarried parents.  Unmarried parents usually are in a relationship and can rely on each other to raise and support their children…until they can’t. When an unmarried parent needs financial support from…

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Back Child Support In Illinois

By Russell Knight | May 16, 2020
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Retroactive child support in Illinois

Child support in Illinois is always owed from one parent to another when they are no longer parenting together or haven’t come to some kind of agreement that waives child support. When does the obligation of child support begin and…

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Social Security Disability Insurance and Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | May 11, 2020
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SSDI and divorce in Illinois

In America, almost everyone is expected to work. A person who doesn’t work will have find that their lack of employment has massive implications if they get divorced.  The Illinois family law courts recognize that there is a big difference…

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Modifying Child Support in Illinois

By Russell Knight | May 10, 2020
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Child support in Illinois

Child support orders get entered in Illinois when two parents divorce or establish paternity. As the years go by, each parent will make more or less money and the needs of the child will change with time. How does child…

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Illinois Child Support Laws After Age 18

By Russell Knight | May 9, 2020
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When does child support end in Illinois

Child support is money to help support the care and raising of a child.  In Illinois, when does a child stop being a child and therefore stop needing support? What is a parent’s duty to a child as the child…

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Bonus Income And Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | April 3, 2020
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divorce in chicago and bonus

Money is a funny thing in an Illinois divorce. In a divorce, money is an asset which can be divisible or not based on whether it is marital.  In a divorce money is also evidence of income which can determine…

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What Should Child Support Cover in Illinois?

By Russell Knight | March 10, 2019
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What does child support cover in Illinois

Child support in Illinois is calculated based on a complicated formula where both parents’ incomes are used to calculate the non-custodial parent’s obligation to the custodial parent. This amount of money is then ordered to be paid by the non-custodial…

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