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Modifying College Contribution Requirements After An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | October 2, 2021
Modifying College Contribution

Illinois is a rare state in that it can require parents to provide for their children’s college expenses past the age of 18 through their Marital Settlement Agreement or via a Judgment from an Illinois divorce judge. Things change as…

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529 Plans and Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | August 23, 2020
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Divorce and 529 plans in Illinois

Being a parent in America is expensive.  The first four years are the massive expense of daycare and then 13 years later is the massive expense of college.  Some parents plan for these expenses by saving in advance by investing…

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Do I Have To Pay For My Child’s College If It’s Bad School After A Chicago, Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | May 9, 2018
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After an Illinois divorce, your obligation to pay child support ends when a child has turned 18 or graduated high school (whichever comes last) but you are still obligated to contribute to your child’s college education.  But what if your…

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In Chicago, Illinois, after I’m divorced do I have to pay for college for my children?

By Russell Knight | September 10, 2016
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If the Cook County Court orders, you must contribute to your children’s college expenses after a divorce. The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act 750 ILCS 513 says that either or both of the parents can be ordered to…

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