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Tag: Division of assets

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein.

Impossible performance in an Illinois divorce

Impossibility In An Illinois Divorce

When people lament their former spouses’ failings a polite way to say it is “he/she was impossible.” Be careful…the former spouse just might agree and claim that further compliance with the final divorce decree is

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Interest in an Illinois Divorce
Child Support

Interest On Money Owed In An Illinois Divorce

Except for parenting time, almost everything in an Illinois divorce is about who owes what to whom. The transfer of assets, debts and other financial transactions are done pursuant to the orders that were entered

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Escrowing Money In An Illinois Divorce
Child Support

Escrow In An Illinois Divorce

A divorce has a lot of moving financial parts. Divorcing people are earning money. Divorcing people are spending money. Divorcing people are selling assets. Divorcing people are buying things. As my dad used to say

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Paid Time Off In An Illinois Divorce
Marital Property

Vacation And Sick Days In An Illinois Divorce

People get paid all sorts of ways. Employees get paystubs, benefits, and per diem accounts. Employees even get paid for NOT working when they are paid for their accumulated vacation and sick days. For an

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Forensic accounting in an Illinois divorce
Marital Property

Financial Experts In An Illinois Divorce

The cartoon character Scrooge McDuck would keep all his wealth in one place: a giant vault. Scrooge would then swim in the money he had amassed in order to count it. In real life, wealth

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Illinois Lis Pendens
Illinois Law

Lis Pendens In An Illinois Divorce

People move a lot of money around during an Illinois divorce. Sometimes, parties to a divorce even move real estate around. It is not uncommon for a divorce litigant to suddenly sell real estate to

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