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Divorce In Illinois Without A Spouse’s Signature In Illinois

By Russell Knight | January 8, 2022
Divorce Without A Signature In Illinois

“Send me the divorce papers,” your spouse may yell at you in a moment of frustration. But, then what? No one just automatically signs divorce papers. More often than not, a spouse will refuse to sign divorce papers just to…

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What Is A Motion In An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | September 9, 2020
Divorce Court Motion Illinois

What happens after a Petition For Dissolution Of Marriage is filed? People don’t just cooperate and work together on the divorce. Divorcing parties ignore each other at best and hate each other at worst.  So, how is a divorce supposed…

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What Is a Marital Settlement Agreement In An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | August 27, 2020
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MSA in Illinois Divorce

It’s often said that 99% of divorces end up settling rather than go to trial. But what does that mean? What is the result of a divorce settlement in Illinois? The end result of divorce in Illinois is a series…

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