How Soon Can I File For Divorce In Illinois?

By Russell Knight | May 17, 2022
Do you have to wait 90 days to get a divorce in Illinois?

You used to live somewhere else or maybe you still do but you want to file for divorce in Illinois for various reasons (some Illinois law that you probably read about on this website benefits you over your spouse). How…

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Frivolous Filings In An Illinois Divorce Case

By Russell Knight | May 17, 2022
Frivolous motions in an Illinois divorce

After a divorce is filed in Illinois, the parties establish themselves as separate units with separate financial needs and schedules. The parties also collect evidence for eventual trial. After the parties are divorced, either party can file motions to modify…

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Vague And Ambiguous Orders In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | May 12, 2022
Vague Orders In An Illinois DIvorce

After years in a bad marriage, you should be used to getting vague, counter-intuitive and just plain terrible instructions from your spouse. But, what if you get those vague instructions from a judge in your Illinois divorce? The point of…

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Extortion And Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | May 10, 2022
Blackmail in an Illinois Divorce

Divorce is the unwinding your life from someone who knows you really, really well. Your spouse or ex-spouse may threaten you in order to get your cooperation during or after your Illinois divorce. Sometimes, these threats are illegal and punishable…

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Preserving The Status Quo In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | May 8, 2022
Motion To Maintain The Status Quo In An Illinois Divorce

Often in the initial weeks after filing a Petition For Dissolution of Marriage in Illinois, one of the parties to the freshly-filed divorce action will become worried that big changes are on the horizon and will request that the status…

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Admitting Bank Statement And Tax Returns Into Evidence In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | May 5, 2022
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Bank statements in divorce

In an Illinois divorce, the parties’ incomes must be verified. To ensure that a spouse is being paid what they claim they are being paid, ask to see what money they are actually collecting and what money they tell the…

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Post-Trial Motions In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | April 30, 2022
Post-trial motions in an Illinois divorce

After an adverse ruling in an Illinois divorce trial, the parties to the divorce need not tuck their tail between their legs and say “Well, I guess that’s it.” In an Illinois divorce, it ain’t over until it’s over…and that’s,…

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What Is An Offer Of Proof In An Illinois Divorce Hearing Or Trial?

By Russell Knight | April 23, 2022
Offer of proof

When you cannot come to an agreement in your Illinois divorce, you must go to the divorce judge to decide the matter. The divorce judge listens to each party’s presented evidence, admits exhibits into evidence and then applies Illinois law…

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What Is A Wife Entitled To In An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | April 19, 2022
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What is a spouse entitled to in an Illinois divorce?

In the panic of considering a divorce in Illinois, both parties will be quick to consider the “worst case scenario” and research what they are each entitled to. Inevitably, the parties to a potential divorce specifically want to know what…

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What Is A Certificate Of Dissolution Of Marriage In An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | April 10, 2022

When you start a divorce in Illinois you are typically given a “divorce packet” which is a collection of forms which must be filled out and filed with the court to officially begin the divorce process. In addition to the…

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