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“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein.

Property Liens In An Illinois Divorce

Real Estate Liens And Divorce In Illinois

When people owe you money, you can garnish their checks, throw them in jail until they pay or put a lien on their property. A lien is “a legal right or interest that a creditor

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What is a constructive trust?
Family Law

What Is A Constructive Trust In An Illinois Divorce?

Illinois family law has a lot of buzzwords that divorce lawyers understand (or pretend to) that regular people can’t seem to wrap their head around. “Constructive trusts” is one of those buzzwords. If you search

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Breach Of Contract And Divorce In Illinois
Illinois Law

Can I Sue My Ex For Breach Of Contract In Illinois?

The most basic principle in Anglo-American common law is that if you make a promise, you have to keep your promise. In Illinois, promises between former spouses are usually enshrined in a Marital Settlement Agreement

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Enforcing Judgments In Illinois

Enforcing A Judgment In An Illinois Divorce

After an Illinois divorce is settled or a trial order is issued, the divorce is not over. Both parties must still comply with the terms of the Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage and the incorporated

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