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Exhibits In An Illinois Divorce Trial

By Russell Knight | June 3, 2022
Admitting Exhibits In An Illinois Divorce Trial

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. At your Illinois divorce trial, give the judge a picture instead of having your witness drone on. A document. A report. A picture. Exhibits are all so much more effective…

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Cross-Examination In An Illinois Divorce Trial

By Russell Knight | May 29, 2022
Cross-examinations in Illinois divorce courts

I just spent three days in Houston, Texas at the National Family Law Trial Institute’s Advanced Cross Examination training. The best family law trial attorneys in the nation coached me and other lawyers from across America on how to best…

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What Can You Appeal In An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | May 15, 2022
Appealable Errors In An Illinois Divorce

In an Illinois divorce, a judge is not always going to agree with you and your lawyer’s conclusions. When a judge rules against you during your Illinois divorce, that ruling may or may not be significant enough to bring that…

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What Do I Need To Prove To Get An Order Of Protection In Illinois?

By Russell Knight | May 8, 2022
Order of protection proofs

Illinois courts are happy to grant orders of protection. Orders of protection prevent possible tragedies with little harm to the parties who are under the order of protection. Still, the courts must review sufficient evidence in order to issue an…

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Admitting Bank Statement And Tax Returns Into Evidence In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | May 5, 2022
Bank statements in divorce

In an Illinois divorce, the parties’ incomes must be verified. To ensure that a spouse is being paid what they claim they are being paid, ask to see what money they are actually collecting and what money they tell the…

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Cash In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | May 3, 2022
How to prove cash in an Illinois divorce

Cash money has a strange effect on people. Cash seems more real because you can touch and see the money. Cash is not just digital numbers on a spreadsheet somewhere. Cash can be instantly transferred or received. If no one…

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How To Preserve Your Divorce Case For Appeal In Illinois

By Russell Knight | April 29, 2022
Preserving the record in an Illinois divorce trial

An Illinois divorce hearing or trial is not the final word in an Illinois divorce. An Illinois divorce judge’s ruling can be appealed…but only if the record is properly preserved. Furthermore, preserving the record throughout your trial may provide a…

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What Is An Offer Of Proof In An Illinois Divorce Hearing Or Trial?

By Russell Knight | April 23, 2022
Offer of proof

When you cannot come to an agreement in your Illinois divorce, you must go to the divorce judge to decide the matter. The divorce judge listens to each party’s presented evidence, admits exhibits into evidence and then applies Illinois law…

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Illinois Divorce With No Discovery

By Russell Knight | April 10, 2022
Waiving discovery in an Illinois divorce

Being married to someone means you know A LOT about them. You may need to know more about them, however, in order to adequately divide your assets and debts, determine support and establish an appropriate parenting schedule. The request and…

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What Is A Deposition In An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | March 20, 2022
Illinois divorce deposition

Most divorces don’t have any question of fact.  Both parties agree to the basics; how much they earn, what’s in their 401ks, where the kids are registered for school. The final outputs of the divorce, the Judgment, the MSA and…

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