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In Illinois, Can I Make An Out Of Court Deal With My Ex?

By Russell Knight | May 1, 2018

In Chicago, Illinois, the general rule is that courts have the exclusive authority to modify child support and are not bound by the parties’ agreements concerning child support. Blisset v. Blisset, 123 Ill. 2d 161, 167 (1988). In Blisset, Illinois’…

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Can I Get My Husband Or Wife Deported?

By Russell Knight | December 24, 2017

As a Chicago divorce attorney who speaks three languages, the issues of immigration and divorce intersect constantly.  Understandably upset clients believe they can solve all of their problems by having their immigrant spouse deported as well as divorced.  The reality…

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Illinois Divorce Law Is Changing Again

By Russell Knight | November 19, 2017

Illinois Family law is changing once again with the passage of public act 100-520. Some of the new changes include: 750 ILCS 5/21-103.5 now requires that any petition to change a child’s name require notification to a parent or any…

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How Do I Change My Child’s Last Name in Illinois?

By Russell Knight | November 18, 2017

Maybe your child has your last name and now you want to give your child the father’s (biological or not) last name.  You are going to need to know how to change a child’s last name in Chicago, Illinois. When…

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In What Court Houses Do We Practice Law?

By Russell Knight | June 28, 2017

***Update*** Since the corona virus crisis courts have switched from in-person hearings to doing everything remotely via Zoom. I will now practice anywhere in Illinois (or Florida) so long as remote hearings are the standard.  I only practice Family Law…

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What If My Spouse Conceals His Or Her Assets And I find Out After We’re Divorced In Chicago, Illinois?

By Russell Knight | May 30, 2017

During the divorce process your spouse and you are supposed to exchange documents detailing all of your assets (marital and non-marital).  This process is called “discovery.” It is unfortunate but common for spouses to hide assets and not disclose those…

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Division of Marital Assets In a Chicago Divorce

By Russell Knight | March 10, 2017
division of marital assets

One of the key functions of a divorce is the division of property acquired during the course of a marriage. Illinois is an ‘equitable division’ state, meaning the courts are inclined to divide all marital property equitably. This can be…

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How do we determine which district my child will attend school in Chicago?

By Russell Knight | January 7, 2016

In Illinois, you can come to any kind of agreement with your ex as to where the child will attend school. Specifically, 750 ILCS ILCS 602.10(f)(6) requires that a parenting plan must include “the child’s residential address for school enrollment…

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