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Home Improvements And Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | January 27, 2022
Home improvements in an Illinois divorce

A house is often a married couple’s greatest asset. How they treated that house during the course of their marriage will determine the value of the house and the subsequent allocation of that value during an Illinois divorce. Home improvements…

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Homestead Rights And Divorce In Illinois

By Russell Knight | April 18, 2021
Homestead Illinois

In America, the ability to own a home is part of the American Dream. In furtherance of this, there are numerous laws which encourage home ownership such as the mortgage interest deduction and the concept of the homestead exemption. What…

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Who Gets The House After An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | November 8, 2020
Marital House Illinois

A house is a peculiar asset in an Illinois divorce. A house is usually the biggest asset and the biggest debt that two married people share. Moreover, a house’s mortgage is usually the biggest monthly expense the parties share. Furthermore,…

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How To Value A House In a Divorce

By Russell Knight | March 15, 2019
House Value In Divorce

For most divorcing couples the marital home is the most valuable asset they have.  If that house was purchased while the couple was married, the house is a marital asset and therefore divisible in a divorce. Even if the house…

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Can I Sell My House During My Chicago, Illinois, Divorce?

By Russell Knight | November 17, 2018
Motion To Sell Marital Residence

Owning a house is a big deal, financially.  So, what happens to your house during a divorce in Chicago, Illinois? What Happens To The Marital Home During An Illinois Divorce?  Most people’s biggest asset is their house.  But, the marital…

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In Illinois, How Do I Live In The Same House As My Spouse During My Divorce?

By Russell Knight | February 3, 2018

Living with someone else isn’t easy.  Living with someone who you are divorcing is even harder.  How do you live in the same house as your spouse during an Illinois divorce? My divorce clients first questions are usually, “should I…

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I used non-marital funds to purchase the family home in Chicago. Do I get those non-marital funds reimbursed?

By Russell Knight | January 16, 2018

When non-marital funds are used to purchase the family home in a Chicago divorce, it is difficult to determine exactly what happens to that marital home in the event of a divorce. In short, it depends how the family home…

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