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In Illinois, After I’m Divorced Do I Have To Pay For College For My Children?

By Russell Knight | September 10, 2016

If the Cook County Court orders, you must contribute to your children’s college expenses after a divorce. The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act 750 ILCS 513 says that either or both of the parents can be ordered to…

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In Chicago, Illinois, can the court award me custody of my dog, cat or pet?

By Russell Knight | August 6, 2016

For years, the answer to Chicago divorce pet custody questions has been, “There is no custody for animals. Pets are treated as property and divided as such. In theory, if you don’t agree as to who gets the animal, the…

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In Illinois, Do I Have To Support My Adult Disabled Child?

By Russell Knight | July 6, 2016

Illinois courts have long required parents to support their adult children while they are in college but as of January 1, 2016, parents may now be obligated to support their adult children if they are physically or mentally disabled. “The…

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How do we determine which district my child will attend school in Chicago?

By Russell Knight | January 7, 2016

In Illinois, you can come to any kind of agreement with your ex as to where the child will attend school. Specifically, 750 ILCS ILCS 602.10(f)(6) requires that a parenting plan must include “the child’s residential address for school enrollment…

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In Chicago, Illinois Can I Record My Conversations With My Spouse?

By Russell Knight | December 5, 2015

Many people believe they can get some kind of leverage in a divorce case by recording their conversations with their spouses or exes. What’s more, recording a phone call is now extremely easy due to the record functionality being available…

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