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“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein.

Paid Time Off In An Illinois Divorce
Marital Property

Vacation And Sick Days In An Illinois Divorce

People get paid all sorts of ways. Employees get paystubs, benefits, and per diem accounts. Employees even get paid for NOT working when they are paid for their accumulated vacation and sick days. For an

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Maximum Child Support In Illinois
Child Support

What Is The Cap On Child Support In Illinois?

Whenever a celebrity’s child support amount is announced in the news, the child support always seems absurdly high. Kelly Clarkson pays her ex-husband $ 45,601 in child support. Nick Cannon pays $2.2 million dollars a

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Determining what someone should make in an Illinois divorce
Child Support

Imputing Income In An Illinois Divorce

There are three quantifiable inputs in an Illinois divorce: 1) Time the children currently spend with each parent, 2) Marital assets and debts of the couple and 3) The income of each party. Everything else

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Job Diary In An Illinois Divorce
Child Support

Job Diaries In An Illinois Divorce

In the Bible, the Book of Job is about a man who suffers a series of horrible tests in order to prove that he is worthy. In an Illinois divorce, a job diary is quite

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2nd home in Illinois divorce
Marital Property

Second Homes And Divorce In Illinois

As a married couple ages, they refinance their house and lower their mortgage payment, the kids leave the home and suddenly there’s extra income. Many couples take this opportunity to buy a second home. A

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Divorce and royalty income in Illinois

Royalties And Divorce In Illinois

Getting paid for working is nice. But getting paid over and over again for work that’s already been done is even better. The problem with a lot of work is that the creator and their

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Rental Property and divorce in Illinois
Illinois Law

Rental Property In An Illinois Divorce

Diversification is the investment strategy whereby holding a variety of assets creates a greater long-term return because the variety reduces risk. In addition to thousands of tradable stocks and bonds, the average investor may also

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