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Where Do I Enforce Or Modify My Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | March 27, 2022
What county do I enforce my Illinois divorce decree?

In America, people move A LOT. It’s not realistic to expect to live in the same place your whole life. It’s even less realistic to expect your ex-spouse to live in the same place as you. When you or your…

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Divorce In A Foreign Country And In Illinois

By Russell Knight | August 1, 2021
Divorce in foreign country vs. Illinois

Divorce laws are different all over the world. It can be tempting for a party to an Illinois divorce to say “I don’t like the divorce laws in Illinois. So, I’ll just file for divorce somewhere else.” Filing a divorce…

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I Don’t Live In Illinois But I Was Served With Illinois Divorce Papers

By Russell Knight | January 10, 2021
Divorce service outside of Illinois

Married couples move apart over time. They often literally move away from each other and one spouse will file for divorce in a state that the other spouse doesn’t live in. This is inconvenient for the out-of-state spouse at best…

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In What County Do I File For Divorce In Illinois?

By Russell Knight | June 14, 2020
jurisdiction in Illinois divorce

Illinois has 102 counties. Each county has its own court system for resolving divorce and other family law matters. The county wherein a divorce litigant files for divorce will determine who will decide the terms of that divorce.  Therefore, this…

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