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What Is A Motion To Vacate In An Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | October 2, 2021
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Throw out court order

Illinois courts make decisions. Someone is always going to be displeased with a court’s decision. There are multiple ways to make your displeasure known with a court. You can file a motion to reconsider to tell the judge they made…

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Notice In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | July 31, 2021
Notice in an Illinois divorce

Almost everything a litigant does in an Illinois divorce does requires that the other party be notified. There are no surprises in an Illinois divorce. The reason surprises are forbidden in an Illinois divorce is that litigation by surprise is…

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I Don’t Live In Illinois But I Was Served With Illinois Divorce Papers

By Russell Knight | January 10, 2021
Divorce service outside of Illinois

Married couples move apart over time. They often literally move away from each other and one spouse will file for divorce in a state that the other spouse doesn’t live in. This is inconvenient for the out-of-state spouse at best…

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How To Serve An Overseas Spouse In An Illinois Divorce

By Russell Knight | December 23, 2020
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Foreign Service Illinois Divorce

Married couples drift apart. Some married couples literally drift oceans apart to the point where they are no longer in the same country. When the member of the couple that is an Illinois resident files for divorce, that person needs…

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I Was Served With Divorce Papers In Illinois. Now What?

By Russell Knight | June 6, 2020
Service in an Illinois divorce

Divorce is hard.  It would be nice if everyone could proceed with a divorce on a schedule that accommodates their own personal physical, emotional and mental needs.  Unfortunately, that’s not how divorce works in Illinois.  Once a person has filed…

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Does My Husband or Wife Have To Be Personally Served In My Chicago, Illinois Divorce?

By Russell Knight | September 3, 2018
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process server in cook county divorce

Do I have to serve my husband or wife in my Chicago, Divorce? We’ve all seen the movies where a stranger nonchalantly hands a character some documents and quietly says, “You’ve been served.”  The character then looks at the papers…

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